What is the different between silk saree and designer saree?

Sarees are mostly popular Indian attire which is highly stipulated around the world. Earlier there were some few types of sarees which were available like silk, cotton and khadi buy as the time has passed away there have been great additions in fabrics and designs used in making a great variety of saree in which designer and fancy saree are on the top demand list by every woman. Some of the most used fabrics are silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, linen to manufacture a different kind of sarees.

Silk sarees & Designer saree

Silk sarees are basically hand weaved by weaving silk yarn and golden zari to create the finest quality of silk sarees. They are highly demanded in the market due to their attractive appearance and smooth finish. Most commonly worn buy the women from the southern region of Indian as their cultural and ethnic attire for any festive and occasion. But there is a multiplicity in these silk sarees like banarasi, Kota silk, bhagalpuri, linen, tussar silk, Kanchipuram, kanjeevaram, pattu and many more. Silk saree is a bit costlier from other range of sarees as they are handmade and takes a longer time to produce a good quality product. Silk saree has its basic orientation from Varanasi and Tamil Naidu where you can find many silk sarees weavers who runner their business from generation to generation and offering exclusive collection.

Designer sarees are latest and modern creation of sarees which are made from different fabrics like georgette, chiffon, net, chanderi and decorated with heavy stonework and embroidery. Designer saree is covering the huge ratio in the market due to its high demand. This saree is well-designed and stylish which are pleasing to the eye and gives a fashionable yet traditional look at the same time. This sarees are mostly worn for parties, function, and wedding to give you an elegant and poised look in the crowd. Surat and Ahmedabad are the most renowned place if you are looking for a latest and unique collection of designer sarees.

Silk and designer saree has its own importance as compared to each other. Silk sarees are evergreen from ancient to today’s time where else designer sarees as its trends and time which is for a particular period of time. Designer saree is a modern concept and silk sarees are tradition attire from generations. Silk sarees are weaved by the weaver with the traditional art of weaving with the help of natural fabric and zari and designer sarees are designed and made through artificial and mix fabric with the help of textile machinery. Hand weaved sarees takes time to be weaved where the designer sarees are manufactured in bulk quantity with technological support. If looking for price competent then pure silk sarees are costlier as compared to designer and fancy sarees.

Above are the few differences which can be compared when you are comparing in between silk and designer sarees. But both of them have a social place in all women wardrobe for different gathering and occasions.


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