Contribution of China in Global Textile Industry

China is top most textile production country in the world. As per technical reports china has produced millions of meters fabric in 2013-14. It covers almost 45% of total needs of Global textile market. So we can say that china is prominent country in the world for textile industry. Due to law cost labor and raw material and cost effective transportation they can provide cheap rate apparel and garment products to any country in the whole world. There are so many apparel and garment manufacturers and exporters in China who can meet the demands of whole apparel industry.  It is also a big name in the field of Textile machinery manufacturers in world.

Textile Sector in China

With the help of good production capability, man power for production and supply to textile demands textile industry of China will be lead for coming up few years. After next few years India can take leading position to supply demands of world’s Garments. China has produced approx 48 million tons of fibre in 2014 this is total share of 64% in world.


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