Mekhela Chadar Sarees – The Very Stylish and Unique Dressing Style From Assam

The mekhela chadar is a unique style of saree, originated from Assam, India. This amazing and stylish saree style has won the heart of many females. These mekehela chadar sarees from manufacturers has created a huge impact on the textile market. The females of all the generations have widely accepted this saree and it has historical value in the history of the Indian textile market. This super classy and stunning attire has a very unique draping style which makes it different from other styles.

This saree includes two separate parts of wearing, one that is called mekhela is for the bottom part of the body and another one called chadar is draped on the upper part of the body. This amazing outfit is famous not only in Assam but nearby regions have also been attracted towards its beauty. This classic saree style is easily available in the market and has an amazing price range.

Mekhela Chadar Sarees - The Very Stylish and Unique Dressing Style From Assam

Over the years this saree has gone through many modifications and experiments without losing the original charm, all of them were really perfect and suitable for that timely fashion trend. Textile Infomedia, the online platform has contact details of the best manufactures, suppliers and mekhela chadar sarees wholesalers, which has a stunning and elegant collection of such attire at its best affordable price range.

The Facts and Specificities of Mekhela Sarees

The base fabric that is used to make mekhela saree is kept very selective to be suitable to the body. the most common and regular fabric materials that are used to make these sarees are cotton, pat silk, Eri silk and Muga silk. All of these fabric materials are very soft and easy to carry on the body for longer hours, without facing and body irritations.

You can select both heavy and light weighted mekhela chadar sarees, according to your preference. amazingly all colour shades are suitable for these super stunning looking sarees. this very stylish saree has very low maintenance, regular washing treatment or machine washing is enough to keep this saree safe for years. The small town of Assam called Sualkuchi is famous for making this saree, then this saree is distributed to the whole of India.

The patterns and designs that are carved on this saree are mostly handwoven and printed, which makes it a more ethnic and attractive attire. This handwoven design requires experts and skilled craftsmen. This dashing outfit is suitable for all body types and shapes. you can check the textile Infomedia platform to more about the best price range of this saree, you can also get amazing discounts and deals on these sarees via this online platform.  Know all about mekhela chadar sarees here from textile infomedia.

Here are some popular and nice mekhela chadar sarees are listed below that may help you to pick best ones.

Muga Silk Mekhela Chadar Sarees

Muga Silk Mekhela Chadar Sarees

This amazing silk-based saree has a very shiny and glossy look and is perfect for a variety of functions. you can wear this saree any time of the day. This saree is also perfect for wearing throughout the whole year. every different colour shade is suitable for this saree.

Pat Silk Mekhela Chadar Saree

This silk saree style is very popular among the girls. The office going and house working women love to flaunt in this saree style. The perfect lightweight and attractive appearance make it a preferable choice for many ladies.

The Cotton Mekhela Chadar Saree

This wonderful saree has all the comfort and flexibility for whole day wearing. You can wear this saree during the hot summer days and even on cold winter days. Different colours shades are available to this saree at a very flexible price range.

Eri Silk Mekhela Chadar Saree

This amazing saree is perfect for many functions and occasions. unique prints and patterns make it very different from other styles of sarees. you must add this saree to your wardrobe collection and get the best ever flaunting look of yours. Buy best mekhela chadar sarees at online price from manufacturers and wholesalers listed on Textile Infomedia.