Patola Sarees- The Royal and Rich Looking Most Expensive Saree Style in The Textile Market

Patola sarees originated from Patan, Gujarat, India. This saree style is very popular and has been famous for a very long time. These sarees are said to be one of the most expensive attire. These sarees are very unique and different in terms of wearing and draping. You can wear this saree on both sides.

For many decades these sarees have been the pride of Gujarati females. All the colours’ shades look pretty amazing and stylish looking on this saree. This attire has a rich, royal and heavy look that can’t be carried for long hours. The thick fabric and strong texture of this saree is a very attractive and preferable choice for many females.

Patola Sarees- The Royal and Rich Looking Most Expensive Saree Style in The Textile Market

The maintenance of this saree requires a bit of your attention, you can use regular and less harsh detergents or soaps to clean them but do not let this saree dry under the direct sun heat for long hours. These patola sarees from manufacturers are perfectly suitable for weddings and festive seasons. The amazing sober and sophisticated blousing style saree can add extra stars to the charm of such attire. The online intermediate called Textile Infomedia has basic contact info of suppliers of such saree, you can check the site and get the best outfit for yourself at its best price.

The speciality of Patola Saree

Patola has very traditional and cultural values in Gujarat. The history of this saree is said to be very old. Since the 12th century, this saree has been making a huge impact on females. This saree style is one of the strong and great influencer attires in the textile market. The detailed designs of such sarees are found carved in the cave of Ajanta.

The art of fabric that can be weaved on both sides of cloth is very old and one of the finest arts in the history of the textile market. The females of kings’ time used to wear this patola sarees at important and huge royal functions. At those times this saree is said to be a wealthy statement of rich families.

Celebrities such as Neeta Ambani have been seen wearing this saree on many occasions. all the colour shades and designs are suitable for this beautiful and elegant looking saree. The making process of this saree is very time consuming and effort consuming. It is said that a single patola saree requires six to nine months to get ready in its perfect elegant and royal appearance.

Although the patola saree originated from Gujrat this saree style is popular among the females of whole India. Many parts of India are giving regional traditional touch and style to this saree, some of them are listed below that you can try.

The Double Ikat Patola sarees from Gujarat

These sarees have been very popular for ages and loved by females of all generations. This patola silk sarees are weaving both sides of the fabric. you must try this stylish and amazing looking attire once in your life. All the colour shades are perfect looking to this saree.

The Hydrabadi patola sarees

The Hyderabadi cultural and traditional designs are very fabulous and stunning looking designs that can be carved on navy fabric. This style of saree is so attractive that it can catch the eye easily.

The Rajkoti patola Sarees

The Rajkot patola is one of the elegant and stylish looking saree styles of this category. The amazing and fresh colours are very attractive and eye-catching. This saree is perfect for any important function or occasion.

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