Evolution of Apparel & Garments industry in India

From the past few years, India has progressed a lot in the garment industry. It holds the second position in the world after China in garment production. Exports have risen which has contributed highly to the nation’s economy. The beautiful amalgamation of attire related to different cultures of India signifies its importance in western nations. This, in turn, has evolved our apparel and garment industry in India with different design touches. The higher demand for apparel by people has led to an increase in production of the same followed by providing employment to laborers. Additionally, the men’s clothing is also growing rapidly. The men’s garment has become fashion conscious having indefinite varieties for the same.

Apparel & garment industry in India

If we have a look at the Indian apparel garment industry, the traditional dresses are supplied with many multiple designs. Not only Indian but also the availability of western wear has evolved to a great extent. For instance, people now add a scarf to any western wear to get a classy appearance. There have been various categories added in ethnic wear such as- designer lehenga, wedding sarees and so on.

Below are some apparel described which has been advanced in Indian garment industry:


Sarees signify the beauty of Indian women. This attire has been followed for many decades and yet has its significance. Along with this it has modified and been categorized in different fragments such as;

Every saree consists of a different kind of fabric used in it. For example; silk and patola sarees are made up of silk fabric, similarly, bandhani sarees include georgette fabric in the same.


The dress is the most comfortable outfit suitable for any occasion. It includes the separated upper and bottom wear with a dupatta on it. As they are the most preferable attire for women, the dress has evolved by garment industry including various categories like;


The ethic wear category includes the most elegant and heavy attires especially chosen for any grand occasion. This ethnic wear indicates your ethnicity and defines your culture. The fragment of ethnic wear includes

This attire defines the beauty of Indian culture having ethnic values of their own. Ethnic apparels are handmade also many ethnic dresses are made up of machines.


Indian designer kurtis are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear. It gives a decent look to any girl which is highly demanded. Indian kurtis have removed any age group set; instead, it is available for any age women. This kurtis are paired by leggings or jeans which also suits best for any party occasions. Nowadays kurtis are produced at vast scale consisting of different style such as;


India apparel and garment industry are rapidly growing industry upbringing the fashion aspects in men’s wear as well. Currently, there is a demand for branded men’s wear. The clothing market is now increasing the supply of garments either it is men’s wear or kidswear. Several categories in these garments are:

For men;

The apparel garment industry has modified largely supplying multiple varieties with different ethnic aspects into it. If you want some unique collection in apparels described above you can acquire the same on textileinfonedia. This portal consists of multiple numbers of traders from different parts of the world providing you desired attire at the required price.

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