How to become a Saree Entrepreneur

The Traditional Indian ethnic wear has made a huge comeback. Today, the saree is worn in every household in India. It is next to impossible to find a girl/woman who has not worn a saree in her lifetime. Saree is suitable for almost all the occasions. It is safe to say that the demand for sarees is on the rise.

There exists a consistent demand for saree throughout the year. Whether for bridal wear, daily wear, party wear, etc, the saree business offers a lucrative market share. If you study the trend pattern and consumer behavior well, you can prosper in the saree business at a faster pace.

Saree entrepreneur

Before you dwell in to the business of saree, you need to learn the ABC’s of the trade first. A Saree manufacturer in India is regional oriented. For example, the saree worn in south India will vary with that worn in east India. The saree will vary in design, style, and patterns and so on. It offers a glimpse of the local tradition and culture.

Below important points for Saree Entrepreneur

  • The major share of saree that you are going to stock should reflect the local demand. This is the first step. This does not mean that one should only sell the sarees based on the region. The famous wholesale Banarasi sarees have a year round demand and is adorned by the women all over in India.
  • The location of your shop plays a huge role for any business. If the shop is located in a busy area thronged by women like a market or a mall, then it can attract a good amount of customers. If you are low on capital, then starting from home is not a bad idea as one can make use of social media to its advantage.
  • Pricing your product is a crucial decision. If you have no hands on experience in dealing with sarees, you should visit various stores located in malls, markets etc. to get the jest of the pricing.
  • Knowing your target customers is a good head start before you venture in to the world of saree business. Whether you want to cater to house wives, society ladies, office executives etc, knowing your target customer will help you in the long run.

Once you’ve set foot, you can slowly expand in to catering to a much wider audience. Stick to a decent pricing and build a brand over the years.


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