Top 5 Cotton Silk Saree Wholesalers in Surat

Cotton and silk are the two most amazing pure fabrics that have ever been made. The blend of both of these threads will obviously produce a most exquisite cloth. The Cotton Silk Saree Wholesalers is a rendering of this very combination. It is an amazing product and fairly recent in the market. Surat may have been the first to create such a saree. The city is home to some of the country’s best and foremost wholesalers of the Cotton Silk Saree. The following list shall prove fruitful in your endeavor to find Cotton Silk Sarees in the top five best markets of Surat.

Cotton Silk Saree
Cotton Silk Saree Wholesalers in Surat
  • New Cloth Market, Ring Road:- Stylized as NTM, the New Textile Market or New Cloth Market is transformed version of the ancient cloth and textile market of Surat. It has more modern amenities and popular brands in its vicinity. It is the first go-to spot to buy wholesale cotton silk sarees in Surat. These sarees have a reasonable and wholesale price and are so priced for bulk orders. Shri Parmeshwar Silk Mills, Nitya NX, Shiv Fashion, and Metro Sarees are some of the most prominent Cotton Silk Saree wholesalers at New Textile Market. It is open from 10 AM to 9 PM.
  • Millenium Textile Market:- The Millennium Textile Market is located not very far away from the NTM. It is also the house of several wholesale shops and businesses dealing in various goods. The most popular product here is the Cotton Silk Saree. The wholesalers have developed a complete network for buyers’ convenience. The sellers tag a wholesale price for their products. Wholesalers from the market also deal in pure cotton and pure silk sarees. It is functional from morning 10 AM to evening 9 PM. Shangrila Designer, Shipra Designers, Ugam Fashions sell designer silk cotton sarees; Bhavya Exports and Neeti Creations wholesale cotton silk sarees of all kinds.
  • Bombay Market:- The Bombay market is so named due its resemblance to Bombay, the textile hub of India. This market was the textile hub of Surat. In modern days, the name alludes to its dealings and business with Mumbai. It is an extensive market, housing several prominent wholesalers. Among these wholesalers, many sell amazing cotton silk sarees and fabrics. The rates are wholesale and affordable. They have many varieties with them, in myriad colours to attract the maximum number of customers. Pavitraa, Bhavna Creation, Shree Ram Enterprise, Shree Fashion are the most prominent wholesalers of silk cotton saree at Bombay Market. New Bombay Market is its most recent development. It is also very
Cotton Silk Saree Wholesalers
Cotton Silk Saree Wholesalers
  • Aaimata Market:- The Aaimata Market is located on the Ring Road in Surat. It is an older times market but with new wholesalers taking over. It is open from morning 10 to night 9 like all other markets. The cotton silk sarees sold by manufacturers of this market have a traditional Gujarati touch to them. Harikrushna Houseand Ethnicrayers are the most prominent of stores at Aaimata Market that deal in silk cotton textiles, sarees and fabrics.
  • Surat Textile Market:- The Surat Textile Market is a subsidiary of the NTM. However it has its own identity in terms of product delivery and price rates. It is located on the Ring Road in Surat. Is open from 10 AM to 9 PM. Ritika Sarees, Dhanvi Fashions sell a wide assortment of cotton silk sarees ranging in price, quality as well as variety. They are more popular for cotton sarees and printed sarees. The wholesalers sell printed cotton silk sarees as well.

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