Where can i buy the Best Manufacturers of Ladies Salwar Suits in India?

Ladies Salwar Suits are the fundamental clothing apparels of women in India.  They have been around here for a long time and do not plan to leave anytime soon. Salwar suits come in a number of different designs, colours, styles and fabrics to cater to the ever increasing creative demands of female customers in the country. So ladies, here are a few manufacturers of salwar suits for you to check out in the top five cities of India:

Ladies Salwar Suits Manufacturers
  1. Delhi – the capital has to be mentioned first and foremost. So, Delhi has a horde of manufacturers and wholesalers dealing in quality salwar suits. A few of them include – ‘Glamoda’, ‘Chawla Creation’, ‘Magma’ and ‘Shivti Creations’ are some of the top choices of wholesale manufacturers in the capital region. They have an amazing variety of salwar suits with prices that do not burn holes in your pocket (mostly wholesale in nature).
  2. Mumbai – the financial capital of our country is rightly called so. The city is home to some of the most amazing manufacturers and wholesale dealers of ladies salwar suits with prices like never before. A collection that is inspired by the local Bollywood presence and wholesale prices. Some of the top names include – ‘Suumaya Fashion’,  ‘Shruti Creation’, ‘Leelaveera’ and ‘Soull Creation’.
  3. Chennai – Chennai is home to some of the best manufacturers and wholesalers of silk salwar suits. However the following names have a wide variety of collection in all kinds of ladies suits as well – ‘Jayashree’,  ‘H P Exim’, ‘Al Haya’ and ‘Lokpriya Fashion’.
  4. Kolkata – the city of creativity has numerous manufacturers as well as wholesalers of Ladies salwar suits with an amazingly wide collection of the same. Prices are mostly wholesale in nature and cannot stop you from buying the creativity of these sellers – ‘Palki’, ‘Elan Couture’, Ethnic Dukaan’ and ‘Shruti collection’.

    Ladies Salwar Suits Wholesalers
  5. Surat – last but never the least is Gujarat’s Surat. Surat may well be on its way to grab the title of textile capital of India in the near future. It is home to most vibrant and important textile industries of the country. Thus, it is only natural that the city should have manufacturers and wholesalers of ladies salwar suits that are top-notch in their game. The prices offered by them for all kinds of ladies salwar suits are majorly wholesale in nature. Some of the best names include – ‘Thankar India’, ‘Nena Fashion’, ‘Zenny Creation and ‘Pavitraa’.

Visit Textile Infomedia for more information and addresses as well as contact details of the above mentioned store.


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