Pune Readymade Garments Wholesalers and Manufacturers Textile Market

The city of Pune packs inside a vast market with tremendous potential. The affluent city has all the requisites to become the next fashion capital of the state. The city of Pune has majority of young population which is inclined towards all the types of fashion. Be it Trendy or be it traditional, Pune has it all. The manufacturers of t shirts, skirts, jersey, printed shirts, readymade garments and blazer have always found it relatively easy to sell their products as the customers always seem to know what they are looking for. The top textile companies in Pune have invested heavily in the business which is surely to yield tremendous rewards and which thereby will also attract funds from multiple sources as well.


pune readymade garments market, cloth market
pune readymade garments market, cloth market

The entire market of Pune is dominated by suppliers who supply all kinds of textile fabrics and garments to the customers. The fashion is picked from the different regions. The garments which have been introduced in the regional markets from the neighboring states are cherry-picked by the populace of Pune. The reasons for the supplier dominant market of Pune are various and quite evident.

  • The primary reason being the shortage of manufacturing units in Pune.
  • The varied demand for the diverse clothing line by customers.
  • The policies of the local governance favoring the sale of products from other states.
  • The suppliers getting their desired margin by sale of the products from all over the state and across the states as well.

The above mentioned reasons augment the growth of suppliers and are conducive for the development of suppliers and importers line.


Pune is considered to be the next phase of textile business development. The production facilities and the imported textile machineries are bound to increase the production of the garments and generate employment in the textile sector. Due to congested market of Mumbai, Pune is next in line for the further expansion and distribution. The construction of Textile Park is further going to expand the opportunities for textile business. There are thousands of lace manufacturers in India and Pune is potential market for Embroidered lace manufacturers, fancy lace suppliers in Pune, GPO lace wholesalers because the demand of Lace in Pune will increasing day by day in upcoming few years.


The garments market of Pune has an undisputed image for favoring the fashion which is favorable for everyone, be it kids, men or women. The streets are bustling with the unique and dazzling products for the people from all the walks of life. Youngsters may find their latest fashionable garments on the streets, the kids wear in the small shops and large stores cater to all the demands in kids wear, the oldies can find suitable traditional and simplistic garments for themselves.

The fashionable jeans, t-shirts, shirts, ethnic and indo western wear for occasions and the stylish and modish skirts with the beautiful collection of dresses and kurtis set Pune a class apart. The wholesale market of kids wear and readymade garments in Pune is the best example of all inclusive growth. The wholesalers of kids wear and men’s wear and ladies fashion garments have confessed the growth and development of Pune textile market is promising which  keeps them going.

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  1. […] Pune is a plethora of readymade garments which has a wide assortment of clothes to offer. The readymade garments market is quite expanded and the fashion quotient of the city never seems to be low. The youth dominant city has the maximum demand for the new and fashionable clothes which determines the majority of the cloth supply in the city. The traders and suppliers in the city always have the latest designer and trendy outfits which are positively received by the populace of Pune. There are around 200 manufacturing units in Pune who manufacture the traditional and ethnic wear in bulk claiming that the youth heavily demands the ethnic wear which is second choice for them after the trend outfits. The new and novel concept of the fashionable and attractive nightwear is very well derived in Pune where the slightest of the fabrics also have the element of fashion in them. The market of Pune is now next in the line of development as the operations in Mumbai have slowly started sifting towards Pune. The growth and development of textile market in Pune is imminent. […]


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