Present And Future Of Established Textile Markets In India

There are few apparel and garment markets which are established in the country since centuries. Over the years, these markets have grown in size and operations. The seemingly unorganized markets, these markets operate with a system unparalleled and unmatched to that of a MNC.

Present and Future of Textile Markets in India
Present and Future of Textile Markets in India

Present Scenario of Wholesale Surat Textile Market

The wholesale Surat textile market is one such market which was established in early 1720’s. The market flourished as the foreign investors gradually increased and explored this market.

The wholesale operations in Surat textile market is significant as the entire western zone and considerable part of southwestern India rely on the material provided by the Surat textile market.

From the raw material, to the fashionable and trendy apparels, Surat wholesale market provides all of it under one sector. The market has been adaptable and dynamic in its operations which have earned it a name for the best place to do business in the entire nation.

Kolkata Textile Market Information and overview

Another massive textile market India is that of Kolkata. Kolkata cloth market is significant in more than one ways. The manufacturing of clothes from the material of Jute has set Kolkata cloth market at top position in the cloth market in the country.

As much as $4.7 bn worth of textile products are manufactured and sold in the Kolkata cloth market. The market is majorly dominated by the small traders and retailers who sell the clothes nit by margin but based on volume. The huge volume determines better profits.

The wholesalers and retailers in Kolkata have these days lost a significant portion of their business from the premier retailers and foreign players in the city. The branded products are slowly taking over the wardrobes of rich & middle class families.

The leading top textile companies of Kolkata have decided to move their operations in Kolkata due to availability of cheap labor and capital. The market cap is expected to grow due to the FDI in textile sector of Kolkata.


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