Use of Laces in Apparel and Garments Sector

Apparel and garment has huge market in global textile industry. At present in textile business there are so many scopes of laces to use for extra additional work in Apparel and Garments. Laces are useful to additional work on finished textile products like Sarees, Dress, Kurtis and other ladies wear items. There are so many types of laces available in domestic market of India. We describe some of useful laces which are latest and trendy in 2017.

  1. GPO lace:- GPO laces are useful to get more attractive look of anarkali dresses and churidar cotton dress. You can use GPO lace in botton of embroidery work borders. Surat is hub of GPO and Embroidered lace manufacturers and you can find so many contacts for GPO lace suppliers and wholesalers in Surat from Textile infomedia.
GPO laces in Surat
GPO laces
  1. Embroidered laces:- Embroidered laces are generally made from cotton yarn and viscose yarn. These types of laces are useful in embroidered dresses. You can use it in bottom of salwar kameez and embroidered sarees. At textile infomedia you can find thousands of embroidered lace manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers in Surat.
Embroidered lace manufacturers, wholesalers in Surat
Embroidered laces
  1. Neck Laces:- Laces are used in all types of garments and apparel neck laces are generally used in readymade ladies kurtis. You can get so many contacts of fancy neck manufacturers in India from Textile directory portal.

  2. Chemical Laces:- Chemical laces are also known as schiffli laces and this laces are manufactured in schiffli embroidery machines. You can find so many contacts of schiffli embroidery machine manufacturers, suppliers and traders in Surat from Textile directory of India.

Chemical Laces suppliers
Chemical Laces
  1. Fancy laces:- Fancy laces are used for value additional work on garments. These lace are directly apply on neck and borders of ladies dress and sarees in Surat.


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