Textile Manufacturing Companies List in UAE Arab Countries

All Arab Gulf countries has been business work with oil for years, But recent decade several Arab countries are enclose textile and cloth manufacturing business. We offer Listings of manufacturers and suppliers, Modern fabrics exporter , importer of technical raw material , yarn importer industry , textile machinery supplier , wholesale cloth retailer and UAE Textile Industry list from textileinfomedia portal. we are also provide international global buyer and supplier of fibers, cotton yarn , garment fabrics, apparels, cloth, men and women outerwear, home textiles furnishing products , and technical textiles as per your needs.


Overview of UAE Textile Key topic

  • UAE textile trade on the basis of imports-exports and re-exports
  • Ideal placed for investment and trading in the cloth and apparel industries
  • Good infrastructure, low import duty and government tax policy
  • UAE textile market valued at 13 $ billion
  • Emerging High End cloth and fabrics Retail Sector
  • Opportunity in global textile industry market

Homemade branded garment were gaining and profiting greater popularity in the local cloth market such as Saudi Arabia , Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and other gulf arab countries. United Arab Emirates is also popular for exports of branded luxury apparel cloth and fabrics which are imported in wholesale bulk from Southern Asian countries like India, China , Bangladesh and Pakistan. Our Portal provide Garments And Textiles Manufacturers Uae Listings and Businesses by phone, business deal, address of company, contact person , email and company profile.

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